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Throughout the toilsome hours of my schooling days, No mention of thee was made unto me, save only By speakers in heedless scorn or in harsh dispraise.
The use serueth properlie to praise, dispraise, to distinguish, but most commonly to confute by the inuersion of the sentence.
He says he writes "in dispraise of ruins," yet he is fascinated by them, and is reminded of English poets like Hopkins at Epidauros or American poets like Melville on the Acropolis, so that he carries his English literary heritage with him wherever he goes.
I have blended what I would deem to be the beauties as well as defects of his style--and it ought to be remembered that in such things, whether there be praise or dispraise, there is always what is called a compliment, however unintentional.
She immediately regrets this thought--"though she meant nothing derogatory," White writes, "she was ashamed she had used a phrase so often spoken in dispraise of Sylvia's race" (219), particularly since in their earlier conversation regarding the Black fitter she had assured Sylvia that "'I'm not prejudiced'" (218)--Mimi persists in thinking of her as Jewish, much as Angela always considered Rachel.
Barclay's pastoralism was fundamentally critical, "a discourse of the powerless in dispraise of power," in the phrase of Louis Adrian Montrose; his eclogues "are symbolic instruments," useful to outsiders "for coping .
I do not come today to bury institutionalism nor to dispraise it.
Yeats is seldom mentioned in serious discussions of political poetry, Terrence Des Pres's Praises and Dispraises being the honorable exception.