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Ibn Katheer, may Allh have mercy upon him, said, "Dealing with the legislations of Allh with one's corrupt mind and reasoning, and changing the rulings of Allh according to one's desires, and deeming lawful what is unlawful, were some of the things for which Allh dispraised the disbelievers.
Your comments [Kickoff, "Questions," March, page 7] interested me because I have observed that classical ballet is often dispraised by the press here, too.
Chaucer, too, though never dispraised to the extent that Lydgate is, does not entirely escape censure for the end of Troilus: 'no matter how the stanzas were meant to be arranged, the result is less satisfactory than it might have been if Chaucer had made a thoroughgoing revision of the passages, or if he had struck out on his own path and praised Troilus for winning a celestial reward by nobly struggling with adversity' (p.
If dispraised, the poor guy would be allotted adjectives from the Quiller-Couch "female" slate.
Doing injustice to others through aggression against their lives, property or anything else, is dispraised in many Qur'anic verses such as the verse that reads (what means):{The cause is only against the ones who wrong the people and tyrannise upon the earth without right.