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To say that science knows something like this from its ability to cast questions as disprovable hypotheses, and then show that such an idea is resistant to disproof, would be the next step for me if this were a science paper.
It stands, and the burden of disproof is elsewhere.
The fundamental logical relations are not subject to proof or disproof.
The prosecution enjoys a presumption of sanity in every case in which the defendant does not affirmatively raise the issue, but once the defendant has born his burden of going forward, the issue is properly raised and subject to proof or disproof in accordance with the locally applicable rules.
It would have been useful for students if Salina had included a short selection from chapter five of the Sitmkhya-pravacana-satras, which features a thorough disproof of the existence of a creator god.
The experiment aims at the clear and unambiguous discovery, or at the definitive disproof, of the so called neutrino anomalies, a set of circumstantial evidences of electron neutrino disappearance at short distance from the source observed by several experiments.
In fact, today we recognize clustering as an attribute of randomness, rather than a disproof of it.
claims that the contemporary theologian Alvin Plantinga succeeded in refuting the arguments of Hume and Mackie against theism by showing that in the presence of free will, the argument from evil could not offer a logical disproof of theism (51-58).
5) The Judge whose alleged misbehavior or incapacity is the subject of the investigation by a Select Committee appointed under paragraph (2) of this Order shall have the right to appear before it and to be heard by, such Committee, in person or by representative and to adduce evidence, oral or documentary, in disproof of the allegations made against him
Khadrawi said 'I cannot proof or disproof the existence of Al-Qaeda in Libya.
He draws a disdainful disproof of the linguistic turn, a notion that the world is inextricable from our thought and language, by attention to what he calls the arche-fossil.