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1936 'Malaria epidemics and sunspot cycles' (4) 1940 'A possible disproof of the expanding universe theory' (6) 1941 'Clustering tendencies among the nebulae' (7) 1948 'The Library' (24) 1951 'Aurorae in Britain' (12) 1972 'The Radcliffe Observatory, Oxford, 1772-1929' (10) 1975 'The University Observatory, Oxford -- founded 1875' (11) 1985 'Observing Venus with small telescopes' (2) She was of course also responsible for the reports of the Library that appeared in the annual Report of Council at the end of each session during her tenure as Librarian.
Hacking's obvious contempt for his evangelical brethren and their "reports of God performing tricks in response to their prayers" was much greater than anything evinced by Martin Kettle in his thoughtful and measured disproof of God's existence in The Guardian that launched the whole debate.
But this claim, too, is subject to proof or disproof, even if the purveyors of its best-known appearances have rarely troubled themselves with that issue.
For Galileian laws, "[h]istorical rarity is no disproof, historical regularity no proof of lawfulness" (26).
Children's painkillers are dominated by brands such as Calpol and the recently redesigned Disproof (both paracetamol-based medicines), own label accounting for only a static 2.
According to Popper's formulation, all scientifically meaningful propositions must be open to disproof by contrary cases.
And yet, much to the council's surprise, the city budget will still not balance, thus providing the final disproof of the ``Spend Your Way to Wealth'' investment scheme used as a budget guideline since 1975.
Einstein's Theory of Relativity was a profound addition to Newtonian physics (which gave us the law of gravity), but not a disproof of it.
Sagan (1996) cogently pointed out how assertions that cannot be tested and are immune to disproof are functionally useless regardless of the degree of popular support they may enjoy.
This set of principles is not cast in a theoretical context, that is, propositions subject to proof and disproof.
Galvani and Aldini regarded these facts as disproof of Volta's view that the electricity originated from intermetallic contact [10].
Methodologically, the mechanism generally used to research this form of SHRM is deductive: to generate carefully designed questions which can lead to proof or disproof, the elements of which can be measured in such a way that the question itself can be subjected to the mechanism of testing and prediction.