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The chapter points out that although the IQ test figures prominently in the identification of children prior to placement, the disproportion of minority children in special education is less than what it would be if IQ scores were the sole basis for a placement decision.
The disproportion of scale between the shop and the gigantic fallen animal on the ground was a surprise effect characteristic of this show, in the work of all three artists.
Pour remedier a cette disproportion voulue par le colonisateur pour servir ses interets, le regrette souverain avait decide une politique novatrice en matiere d'infrastructures dans l'objectif de relier le Nord au Sud du Royaume et mettre en place un reseau routier moderne et fluide.
he slight 50-year-old from Oldham, Manchester, who is suffering from muscular fibrositis disproportion, is so thin that she is forced to wear children's clothes.
Facchetti said: "I wish to underline the disproportion for the penalty inflicted on Materazzi and the one inflicted on the French player or between the player who pro voked a reaction and the one who reacted.
Last night, NWRA officials insisted the proposals, which will be passed to the Department for Transport (DfT) for approval, were worked out using fair criteria and did not represent a disproportion between regions.
One explanation for the paradox is instrumental; but there are two important noninstrumental explanations, one concerning disproportion, the other concerning what we might call modal sensitivity.
A disproportion between the front and rear limbs suggests that the creature could rest on its haunches and manipulate food with its front paws like its modern relatives do, says Sanchez-Villagra.
Mr George believes something must be going wrong to create such a disproportion.
Besides, what is there that can carrie a greater disproportion with common rules of experience, the [than] that vnweaponed men in gownes should with such happinesse of success giue direction & law to many mightie and warlike armies both by sea and land, and that a single Citie vnwalled, and alone should command & ouer toppe mighty kingdomes.
These deprivations are visited on the young and the non-Caucasian in gross disproportion to their numbers.
With first-time mothers, your doctor may suspect disproportion if the foetus is still high and disengaged during the last few weeks of your pregnancy.