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While insurance costs continue to rise for all employers across the country, small companies like ours have been disproportionably impacted.
The unequivocal fact is that the HIV/AIDS epidemic still disproportionably affects all countries in all regions of the world.
The purpose of the study is to identify consumers with certain socio-economic characteristics who are disproportionably delinquent in debt payments and are potential targets of universal default.
The political economy perspective suggests that social, political and economic factors underpined prevailing service and policy practices that disproportionably shaped, developed and inhibited access to mental health care.
Forced recruitment by the army was often a discriminatory practice, which disproportionably affected the poor in rural areas.
Stuck pigs, even a mandril, can cause disproportionably small pressure drops, given the mass and density of a pig and the relevant amount of physical blockage in the pipeline.
Reports from various states indicate that special education teachers leave special education teaching positions at disproportionably higher rates than their peers in general education.
It is interesting to note that the financial returns to serving in the army, which were still disproportionably high in 1996, have been dramatically reducing recently.
T2DM disproportionably affects minority (African Americans, Native Americans, and Hispanics) children and females as girls are 1.
66, 93 (2003) (concluding that disenfranchisement statutes disproportionably suppress voting by non-disenfranchised blacks).
Some of them had ties to the Old Left, and as a group they were disproportionably Jewish" (4); the prairie power contingent attended less prestigious schools, was more working class, less ideological, and more comfortable with the counterculture of the '60s.
National surveys reveal that, from elementary through high school, African Americans are twice as likely as White students to receive corporal punishment (Steele, 1992,) and be disproportionably suspended or expelled from school and labeled mentally retarded (Denbo & Beaulieu, 2002).