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Superior Court observes, the main social effect of these zones is to breed "tremendous cynicism toward the law, particularly among those groups disproportionately affected by it.
Income from assets was distributed to the taxpayer before title was placed in the FLP and was disproportionately distributed to him after his asset transfer.
Which region sends a disproportionately higher percentage of its citizens to the military than the nation as a whole?
Are members personally interviewed by Bar character and fitness committees upon application disproportionately subjected to disciplinary action thereafter?
Central America also is a region disproportionately plagued by natural disasters; security institutions could play a more active role in emergency preparedness and response.
Compounding the problem, rack prices will rise disproportionately due to distributors' tradition of increasing their markups during the heating season.
It means that some of our counterterrorism powers will be disproportionately experienced by the Muslim community.
Because of their tendency to fight with other dogs, pit bulls must be housed individually in pens, and rottweilers usually are, Mayeda said, so they disproportionately take up space at a shelter.
Many health hazards (such as lead-based paint) occur disproportionately in poor-quality housing occupied by low-income, often ethnic minority families, so children in these families are the most likely candidates for study.
NACo started with a non-representative sample by focusing on county-run hospitals, facilities of last resort that disproportionately treat pooh uninsured patients.
These new procedures hurt all citizens, but disproportionately impact women, people with disabilities, low-income citizens and people of color--those who have worked so hard for their right to vote.
She highlights other unique conditions with recently discovered genetic origins, such as a type of cerebral palsy found disproportionately among the Amish and a condition that makes certain animals and people abnormally sensitive to the sun (and that may account for the madness of King George III).