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In addition, studies evaluating quality of life protocols for other types of maxillomandibular disproportions, such as class II cases, could also be conducted.
DDF determines specific myofunctional characteristics, which vary according to the existent disproportion.
In a sense, we are back to our disproportions: the disproportion between production and consumption, as an effect of the law of value, the disproportion between the tremendous abundance of wealth and its privatization.
The analysis of structural changes confirms that they are directed at development of sectors and productions which support the consumer and energy independence of the country, import replacement, prevention of one-sided raw material based economy, expansion of its export capacity, prevention of inter-industrial and regional disproportions.
Racial disproportions in the United States among jail, prison, and juvenile inmates, awful as they are, are not radically different from those in Australia, Canada, and England and Wales.
The chapter concludes that observed disproportions probably reflect all of these causes, singly and in combination, in some school districts some of the time.
The disproportion between sainted and ordinary beings in the Strozzi altarpiece is of a kind with the disproportions in Rousseau's self-portrait.
As per IMF Resident Representative in Ukraine Jerome Vacher, "Before adjustment of a concrete amount, an agreement should be reached on the policy, which would remove disproportions and stimulate growth, representing the basis for the financing program, which could be necessary.
We found a system with heavy disproportions and on the brink of collapsing over the surplus and the faulty methods to form prices.
We aim at reducing of regional disproportions, increasing of availability of social, communal, transport, administrative and other services for the population.
After the summer break, the Minister plans to submit to the Parliament a draft Bill for senior State servants' income, which aims at eliminating disproportions between the salaries of ministers and experts.