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This represents a hypothesis that's virtually impossible to disprove.
He has personally performed dissections, he says, which disprove Aristotle's views.
We also teach rhetoric to arm students with the abilities to see through, protect themselves against, or disprove weak or faulty arguments, such as those found in advertising, politics, peer pressure, everywhere.
The current exhibition, Air--Art in Regeneration, helps to disprove this misconception.
Yet author Robert Fripp does not use the creation narrative to prove or disprove the existence of God, which may disappoint some readers.
But Foxy G keeps on making music, "I have to groove, move, prove, disprove.
I want it to be opened up so kids can be introduced to other scientific evidence that would disprove evolution.
These printouts also serve as a history of heating system operations, which can be used in court to disprove unjustified tenant complaints about insufficient heat.
WILLIAM WELD, FORMER GOVernor of Massachusetts, has written his third novel, a pastoral-romantic-political fiction that does much to disprove the notion that politicians are good only at serving special interests and furthering their own careers.
He then proceeds to disprove it, discovering shadows, quiet alcoves, sensual textures, and a catalogue of blurry objects that are additional, stuck-on, and haphazard.
Used the telescope to disprove the belief in an Earth-centered universe
In this often impressive work, Professor Vassberg aims to disprove a "tenacious myth of the modern world" - namely, the myth that "pre-industrial villages were essentially stable communities whose inhabitants rarely ventured beyond their own territory.