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Fred Hoyle thought that the universe wasn't created but was in a steady state forever, but this was also disproved.
Cautionary Statement: No stock exchange, securities commission or other regulatory authority has approved or disproved the information contained herein.
It's a theory that feels both gracefully poetic and the stuff of bad sci-fi potboilers - and, at this point, it cannot be proved nor disproved, so many physicists refuse even to accept it as science.
Rome says he has disproved this theory by making the first direct measurements of where and how fish generate swimming power.
The National Association of Securities Dealers has neither approved nor disproved the information contained herein.
Well, the women's soccer team has disproved that theory.
That finding disproved the energy-expenditure theory but left the mystery of the sex-biased behavior unsolved.
He said the same argument was made and disproved when supermarkets invaded the territory of mom-and-pop groceries.
Olson, however, says his 1985 analysishas not been disproved.
I have seen the world turned upside down and conventional wisdom utterly disproved,'' Reagan said in November 1991 at his presidential library in Simi Valley, which displays a section of the Berlin Wall.
Certainly accusations are more useful unproven than disproved.
Most economists believe that position, labeled ``voodoo economics'' by George Bush in the 1980 primary campaign, was ultimately disproved in the 1980s.