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It's disputable that this would be in the good of the game."
Everlight's escalating actions came after winning the case brought by Nichia each before Taiwan's Supreme Administrative Court, Taiwan's Supreme Court and Intellectual Property Court against it over a disputable patent coded No.
The need for new prostate cancer diagnosing tools has increased lately, given the disputable effectiveness of PSA testing, which fails to change the survival rate of prostate cancer patients according to data from repeated clinical investigation.
The exclusive economic zone as announced by the Greek Cypriots is disputable, Erdogan said.
It does however, state that the committee will fight fanatical Islamic thoughts and provide a more moderate and tolerant point of view on disputable public matters.
* The paper comments that party directives proved futile in these elections and that the president was barely elected with legitimacy that is highly disputable. Analyst Kim Mehmeti said BDI was the biggest loser.
"In effective business any disputable issues are resolved through negotiations.
It is hardly disputable that the shrinking value of the U.S.
Earlier last month, De Mistura reported his first suggestions on whether four disputable areas should be ruled by the central government or by the Kurdistan Regional Government.
Likewise, a decision is labeled "wrong" if they agree that it was wrong, and the decision is classified as "disputable" if their verdict is not unanimous.
Summary: Maronite Patriarch Nasrallah Boutros Sfeir said on Sunday it is a priority for the country to elect a president before discussing any of the disputable issues between bickering politicians.
6603, a prepayment made as a deposit was referred to as a deposit in the nature of a cash bond.) While the taxpayer was successful, the case serves as a reminder that for a prepayment of a disputable tax to be considered a deposit, taxpayers must closely follow Rev.