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The Koh-I-Noor diamond disputably believed to be the largest diamond in the world in its original form, is believed to be jinx male rulers who wear it, causing them great misfortune and in some cases even costing them the crown, The Telegraph reports.
Iranian forces have reportedly raised the Iranian flag over two more disputably Iraqi oil wells, Numbers 11 and 13 at the Al-Faqa oilfield, a Maysan governorate official said last Wednesday.
The first occurrence is obviously a reference to the Christic covenant and not the Mosaic one; the second is making a straightforward historical statement about the handing down of the Hebrew Scriptures from the past; and the third is probably (though disputably) (13) meant to be interpreted as likewise referring to covenants given in the past (for example, the Abrahamic and Mosaic).
However, precisely because of Finland's nebulous position during the Cold War--a multi-party democracy but with heavy censorship and coercion compared to Western countries, disputably a Soviet satellite but yet maintaining an albeit managed democracy and limited capitalism--Finland has never engaged in the Post-Cold War purges of Communist officialdom or national self-examination that has characterised its Baltic neighbours.