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Disputants can approach whichever agency they see as capable of independent, impartial solutions deliverability in the shortest possible time at reasonable cost and within a framework of purposeful mutuality.
Li (2012b) categorized the TV mediation shows in China into three types: the two-party structure composed of only the mediator and the disputants; the tripartite structure with a host or hostess, the disputants, and the mediator; the quad-party structure, more with an observing panel.
Hypothesis 2: A Chinese disputant will care about the other party's income in the acquaintance context.
The findings suggest that female lawyers and female disputants comprehend and experience the processing of cases differently from their male counterparts.
Excerpt R200:46 is an example of the mediator's reaction to one disputant interrupting the other one.
arguments is highly relevant to determine whether a disputant ought to
There are varied descriptions of why and how a lawyer in the adversary system is to preserve disputant autonomy and freedom of thought.
The disputants provide final offers representing the share of disputant 1.
When the sub dimensions of the body language as a whole, women and men disputant perceive the body language behaviour of the chair negatively during the dispute.
320) Creating this contractual obligation commits companies to mediation and prevents a single disputant from vetoing use of this potentially valuable process.
Principle of rational disagreement: The justification of coercion in a given instance is inversely proportional to the strength of the case for epistemic parity among disputants who disagree on whether coercion in that instance is warranted.
Disputant-oriented analysis focuses on the advantages and disadvantages of arbitration relative to litigation for particular disputants involved in particular transnational interactions.