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You Veasna, a representative of a Stung Hav community, said the disputants raised two main points as to land boundaries and legal measure implementation in the protest.
discounting the grounds on which a disputant escalates the dispute).
contract on grounds of adhesion, a disputant must also prove the terms
Resilience: Given the nature of the conciliation process and considering that the process is based on disputant voluntarism and the disputant commitment to speedy resolution, setbacks and failures are intrinsic to the process.
A relative lack of explicitness in explanations, a reluctance to criticize others, and an unwillingness to articulate the strengths of one's own position, could impact the effectiveness of a disputant's communication in a mediation session.
Comme ailier gauche, Jean Vincent a d'abord connu l'age d'or de Lille (champion de France 1954, Coupes de France 1953 et 1955), puis du "grand" Stade de Reims, remportant trois nouveaux titres de champion de France (1958, 1960, 1962) et disputant deux finales de la Coupe des clubs champions contre le Real Madrid (1956, 1959).
L'equipe nationale se prepare depuis 2011 a cette competition en disputant plusieurs tournois et stages de concentration aussi bien au Maroc qu'a l'etranger ponctues par des matchs amicaux face a des selections africaines et des clubs du championnat Pro Elite 1, a-t-il rappele, ajoutant que jouer a domicile est toujours un "avantage".
Hypothesis 1: A Chinese disputant will not care about the other party's income in the stranger context.
"We believe that the government should push ways of dialogue with the EU and should not prefer a disputant statement.
some may assume that a disputant would not choose to go to ADR
The disputants provide final offers representing the share of disputant 1.
When the sub dimensions of the body language as a whole, women and men disputant perceive the body language behaviour of the chair negatively during the dispute.