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It has been oft-noted by scholars that Australia's relatively profligate disputation record by international standards at least partially reflected the more inclusive methodologies of the ABS (Beggs and Chapman, 1987, p.
But the lack of extensive written disputation between these two men does leave open the question of the exact nature of their intellectual relationship.
This is a basic guideline that the Qur'an advocates not only in religious disputation but also in the context of learning, testimony and adjudication, and indeed in most other areas of human relations.
More detailed thematic topics include the function of triuwe (John Greenfield) and of scham (David Yeandle), but also, of somewhat wider scope, Giburc's dilemma (Timothy McFarland) and her religious disputation (David Wells).
It is in such right-minded discourse and disputation, I think, that change is best achieved.
I mean the impulse which comes to classic expression in Martin Luther's Theses for the Heidelberg Disputation of 1518.
Michael Davies movingly suggests distinctions between Bunyan's poetic way of prayerful imagination and the delusive `maze' of mere theological disputation.
Ferguson's focus and methodology are decidedly political, not literary, and they have their most efficacious application in non-fiction works that lend themselves to social disputation, especially "Ovando" and A Small Place.
In response, he writes a disputation of sorts protesting the Decree of the Danish King which prohibits so-called immoral behavior.
In Book 1, the learned chancellor Coluccio Salutati exhorts a group of young men to supplement their studies by practicing disputation.
Rational disputation through healthier logic and corrective self-talk (e.
Capitalism and Socialism, Modernism and Post-Modernism, art and life, reason and hope -- the argument proceeds like a medieval scholastic disputation between established positions, with the author always steadfastly refusing to come down on one side or the other.