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Hypocrisy, disputatiousness, a refusal to engage in reasoned discourse, and a predilection for seeking revenge via the church are fundamental behaviors for the Puritans of Hobomok.
As Hobomok's bride, Mary embraces his uniquely American perspective, giving homage to nature and religion while eschewing the pomp of Anglicanism and the disputatiousness of Calvinism.
It was not disputatiousness but censorship which, Satanically and Papistically reducing such free-born readers to incompetent status, created a mindless rabble incapable of exercising its judgement.
Probably no system of civil justice can entirely exclude disputatiousness or hostility.
Complaints that the new building would spoil views from the nearby houses concealed an underlying native obstinacy and disputatiousness.
are highly valued, whereas disputatiousness, contentiousness, overweening ambition or other disruptive behavior are strongly disvalued.