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ISLAMABAD -- The Attorney General for Pakistan (AGP) office is facing immense shortage of staff to deal with the country's international disputes, whose number is increasing with the passage of time.
Provincial deputy governor Soeum Bunrith, who is the head of the provincial land dispute resolution working group, declined to comment on Wednesday.
He said that United Nations (UN) is a guarantor and was being mandated to materialize all the resolutions passed by Security Council over the dispute.
Summary: New Delhi, July 31 (ANI): The Lok Sabha on Wednesday took up for consideration a bill that proposes to set up an Inter-State River Water Disputes Tribunal to resolve water disputes in a time-bound manner.
It will further streamline the adjudication of inter-State river water disputes. The Bill seeks to amend the Inter State River Water Disputes Act, 1956 with a view to streamline the adjudication of inter-state river water disputes and make the present institutional architecture robust.
Stemming likely from disputes recently involving suppliers and subcontractors with typically lower dispute values, the average dispute value in 2018 decreased to $56.7 million from $91 million in 2017.
Sources in the district administration told this scribe that the dispute resolution council had played an effective role in maintenance of peace and the police had extended complete cooperation to its members in resolution of disputes, including blood feuds.
Electing for arbitration as a means of dispute resolution, depending on the bargaining power of the negotiating parties, may provide a multi-tiered dispute resolution clause.
'Reform initiatives and ensuring application of international best practice in areas of dispute resolution is paramount, in order to strengthen the system and adherence to due process, maintain the culture of transparency and avoidance of waste.
Our land policy encourages the use of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms to facilitate expeditious and affordable access to justice.
The traditional image of dispute resolution is people fighting cases in court.
- setting up cooperation with leading foreign arbitrators, exchange of experience in the field of dispute resolution through international arbitration court, as well as attracting foreign arbitrators to resolve disputes in the Center