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Levin did not in the least understand what was the matter, and he marveled at the passion with which it was disputed whether or not the decision about Flerov should be put to the vote.
Experience shows that over half of receivables greater than 30 days past due are disputed, so the speed in which disputes are researched and resolved with the customer can directly decrease the number of past-due receivables.
This reporting and compliance function requires not only a technical knowledge of the law, but also an understanding of the range of potential factors that may affect the ultimate characterization and treatment of a disputed issue.
The claim of right doctrine requires taxpayers who receive disputed income to treat it as taxable income if there are no restrictions on how they can use this money When there are restrictions as when the disputed money is in an escrow account--they pay taxes on the disputed amount only when and if they receive the money
Chordiant Disputes & Chargebacks now includes new capabilities that enable agents to view details of a transaction before beginning the dispute process; interact with the customer while verifying details for a disputed transaction; capture a dispute requiring additional information; request supporting documentation from the customer, acquirer, and card association; attach requested supporting documents to the associated dispute transaction; assess a dispute and generate a chargeback to an acquirer; and manually close disputes that are not automatically completed by the system, the company claims.
So how impartial are mediators - who might know one or both of the agents who handled the disputed transaction - that are selected by the association?
It almost seems self-evident: if a taxpayer and the Service resolve an issue, why should it be raised and disputed again in the future?
Disputed Mission: Jesuit Experiments and Brahmanical Knowledge in Seventeenth-Century India.
A 19-day war between Peru and Ecuador in 1995 over disputed Amazon territory killed as many as 1,500 people and cost both sides US$1 billion.
In dispensing with the Florida high court's efforts to resolve a confusing election-code tangle, derailing the election-contest process in Florida, and sidestepping the constitutionally established mechanisms for deciding disputed elections, the U.
They claimed that for more that the 10-year period specified by law for adverse possession, they maintained continuous, open, notorious and exclusive possession of the disputed land on the west side of highway.