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Millions of dollars in disputed amounts were being conceded annually--not in response to valid customer disputes, but simply as a function of age.
In the first instance, it must make the determination regarding the need to establish a reserve on its financial statements for a disputed tax position.
The partnership had unrestricted use of the receipts--the partners only disputed the division of the money, If the partnership had placed the receipts in an escrow account as the result of a dispute with a third party, under the claim of right doctrine the receipts would not be included in its income until the matter was settled and the partners would need to report income only if the dispute was settled in its favor.
* Creates new medical-legal processes for resolving disputed medical issues by referring disputes regarding disability to a panel of Qualified Medical Examiners for resolution.
Disputed Mission gives a detailed account of that debate better known as the Indian or Malabar Rites controversy, which dominated the first half of the seventeenth century.
Supreme Court majority showed only nominal reluctance to make new law (by finding that the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection clause applies to vote-counting standards) and to assert control over the outcome of a disputed election.
Countries on three continents--Yugoslavia in Europe, Ivory Coast in Africa, and Haiti in North America--also had disputed elections last fall.
appears entirely foreign to his (Bourgeois') title, since the property spelled out in his lease comprises 1581 arpents but would be at least 2085 arpents including the disputed area ...
Having lived under squalid conditions on the disputed land for years, the resistors are reluctant to embrace the lease concept.
The highest value dispute handled in the Middle East during the course of 2010 was for $100 million, although EC Harris did work on one dispute in the Middle East where the disputed value was higher but undisclosed.
From there, disputed invoices get routed to multiple parties inside your company, requiring expensive reprints and holding up cash that is owed to you.
The taxpayers must also have at least one open year under examination and at least one disputed issue.