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Millions of dollars in disputed amounts were being conceded annually--not in response to valid customer disputes, but simply as a function of age.
In the first instance, it must make the determination regarding the need to establish a reserve on its financial statements for a disputed tax position.
Disputed Mission begins with a brief description of the life and ambition of Nobili.
Supreme Court majority showed only nominal reluctance to make new law (by finding that the 14th Amendment's Equal Protection clause applies to vote-counting standards) and to assert control over the outcome of a disputed election.
Countries on three continents--Yugoslavia in Europe, Ivory Coast in Africa, and Haiti in North America--also had disputed elections last fall.
The Supreme Court in Otsego County ruled in favor of the Krols and held that all of the disputed property on the west side of the highway, which consisted of approximately 52 acres, belonged to the Krols by adverse possession, since they used it for more than 10 years in and open and exclusive manner.
More and more reports in the Data Bank are being flagged as disputed, and recipients of disputed reports may not be able to easily use the data.
Nothing in the literature on evidential matter (AU section 326 of American Institute of CPAs Codification of Statements on Auditing Standards) suggests a CPA should be reluctant to solicit the views of both parties to a potentially disputed item.