disputed point

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Yielding to his powerful interest in the subject, and impatient of a delay that seemed fraught with so much additional danger, Heyward drew still nigher to the dusky group, with an intention of making his offers of compensation more definite, when the white man, motioning with his hand, as if he conceded the disputed point, turned away, saying in a sort of soliloquy, and in the English tongue:
Propound the latter question to this Indian gentleman, venerable hunter; he is of a reddish tint himself, and his opinion may be said to make us masters of the two sides of the disputed point.
And I cannot see the least use that the greatest knowledge of the disputed points of religion, which have made such confusion in the world, would have been to us, if we could have obtained it.
He was referred to as regards disputed points, and his opinion carried the day.
First, when discussing a disputed point, Nyvlt will not always make clear his own position and will even seem to endorse contradictory positions.
The area needs to progress and grow, but where it should progress to is a disputed point.
Rick Perry $ 10,000 over a disputed point during one Republican primary debate, a scene that was a reminder of critics' charges that Romney is an out-of-touch rich guy.
Contractor claims may take advantage of a clearly disputed point of law, but implausible legal arguments can be deemed fraudulent.
But in the third game, she was broken on a disputed point.
District revenue officials as well as representatives of the judge accompanied Kumar to each and every disputed point.
JAMES Willis kept his cool to clip in a 61st minute penalty and collected a disputed point for Crusaders at The Showgrounds.
Allington also said, "The arbitrators determined for Isco on a disputed point which was whether the words 'analytical columns' in the field of use paragraph referred to the purpose of the columns as Isco believed rather than referring to only a few column sizes mentioned in catalogs, and held that columns for analytical use were in Isco's field of use.