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To deprive of eligibility or render unfit; to disable or incapacitate.

To be disqualified is to be stripped of legal capacity. A wife would be disqualified as a juror in her husband's trial for murder due to the nature of their relationship. A person may be disqualified for employment at a certain job because of a physical disability.

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With the significant development, a total of 17 rebel MLAs from both parties have been disqualified by the Speaker.
Any person convicted of driving whilst disqualified will also be given an additional driving ban on top of their current disqualification, or if no disqualification is imposed they'll have six penalty points added to their driving licence.
Drivers convictions have to their " When looking at areas where at least 100 motorists received endorsements for driving whil decreas and ce disqualified, Kent and Lincolnshire saw the joint-biggest decrease between 2017 2018, at 29 per cent .
In England and Wales, the maximum sentence a person can receive for driving whilst disqualified is six months imprisonment and a maximum fine of PS5,000.
They said the act fell in contempt of court as the Supreme Court had declared Mr Tareen disqualified for life for not being Sadiq and Ameen.
The results show that the number of people disqualified for drink-driving in our area has increased from 904 in 2015/16 to 930 in 2016/17.
He had six points on his licence while disqualified.
Now that Nawaz stands disqualified, the party cannot be proven registered with the name of a disqualified person.
'A disqualified person participating in the party's central executive committee or parliamentary board would increase legal problems,' he said and added the party should get rid of those disqualified by the Supreme Court.
Dr Streram was prevented from entering the nomination centre to file his papers after he failed to produce a special EC pass for candidates, and was disqualified for his late submission.
He contended that Musharraf could not hold a political party since he was disqualified to contest 2013 general election.
Tareen cannot be termed honest and stands disqualified for life as per Article 62(1)(f) of the Constitution, according to the Supreme Court judgment.