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To deprive of eligibility or render unfit; to disable or incapacitate.

To be disqualified is to be stripped of legal capacity. A wife would be disqualified as a juror in her husband's trial for murder due to the nature of their relationship. A person may be disqualified for employment at a certain job because of a physical disability.

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An example that should at least trigger First Amendment inquiry under the analysis of this disqualifier is the government's effort to require cigarette packages to include graphic pictures vividly underscoring the health dangers of smoking.
At this juncture, with our couple, it may be difficult to determine whether there are any disqualifiers yet.
In short, who among us thinks terrorists intent on harming Americans will tell the truth to authorities and their proxies when asked about their religious affiliation if Muslim faith is a disqualifier for emigration to the U.S.?
Thus, employers should analyze each position to determine if a certain conviction would be a disqualifier. A crime of dishonesty may be job-related for a position that has direct or indirect access to protected information, and the use of a cyber-security firm may be required to determine exactly which employees have indirect access to protected or confidential information.
Having experience is an immediate disqualifier for employment." Another added, "Different companies' cultures usually are a reflection of the management style within the organization--some are very supportive of a work-life balance; however, others are all about the bottom line regardless of the impact on the workforce."
"The fact that there was no conviction removes the incident as a license disqualifier, but it does not remove the chief's consideration of the incident on the question of Holden's suitability,'' the court said.
But the prissy scolds of Internet liberalism found Schweitzer's throwaway line to be a disqualifier. Hillary Clinton can advocate policies in the Middle East that would--that have--resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocents, and she is treated respectfully, even reverently, as are bloodlusting Republicans such as John McCain and Lindsey Graham, but don't you dare crack wise about sex.
This is not necessarily bad or an automatic disqualifier when considering a defense attorney.
He went on to say that mere party membership was not an automatic disqualifier for future work in the new Iraqi government.
Antoinette's continual confinement to her status in Rhys's novel is not a disqualifier of anti-colonial sentiments; rather, it raises awareness of the necessity of recognizing developments of Creolization which rejected fixed identities based on oppositions between races and places.
La diplomate a ensuite evoque le theme du colloque, estimant que grace au developpement des technologies de l'information notamment l'internet, "il n y a de citoyennete qui puisse participer a changer les lois, a inflechir les politiques publiques et a disqualifier les mauvais gouvernants, que celle qui s'exerce dans le pays reel via les institutions existantes, en attendant qu'elles soient reformees, par la communaute des citoyens", indique un communique de l'ambassade du Maroc a Sofia.