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Cairns, now partnered by bassist Michael McKeegan and drummer Neil Cooper, continues: "In constructing Disquiet we went back to the old way in which Troublegum was written, whereby I'd take my guitar, play a song, record it on my phone and then send the song to the guys finished in terms of lyrics, melody and guitar chords.
New Delhi: Voicing disquiet over the recent trend of "questioning the basic fundamentals" of the constitution, External Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid has hoped for a solution to the problem of accountability of public servants.
And I don't understand why there is this disquiet when we have said repeatedly that it will be introduced, why is this disquiet repeatedly I don't see any justification.
Senior Lib Dem councillors, including city council leader David Faulkner, today voiced their disquiet at the scale and speed of the cuts.
CONSERVATIVE disquiet over the coalition with Liberal Democrats surfaced yesterday and then faded away, but not before one MP had warned David Cameron he could not take the "mainstream" party for granted for much longer.
Many people will share disquiet on learning that 200 West Yorkshire police officers were let off after being caught speeding or jumping red lights last year.
Afterwards, Attorney General Lord Goldsmith said: ``This decision will cause great public disquiet as it causes me considerable disquiet.
Full of a sense of mission to spread a message of peace and harmony, I was smitten with a sudden disquiet about my qualifications for the job.
Davis was selected for the 4x400m relay squad prompting speculation of disquiet over Davis' actions as it means stalwarts such as I wan Thomas and Du'aine Ladejo have been overlooked.
Overweight Freddie Starr is causing disquiet at the Celebrity Fit Club with his stubborn smoking approach and his regular threats to leave the dedicated diet group,but he still has some fans out there in the comedy world.
Its aggression does produce an edgy disquiet as dancers sling, chase, grab, drag, chest-butt, and eye each other like bugs about to be crushed.
The issue of Robert Nobili "going native" in order to convert the Brahmins in India to Christianity in the seventeenth century has generated as much disquiet and debates as inspiration in missiological field.