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One doesn't enter by way of the grand stairway but by means of a cramped elevator, and, as often in Buchel's works, the journey starts in a depressing waiting room, where a disquieting surveillance video showing a suicide in a police station loops in endless repetition.
With as many moments of disquieting tension as warm solidarity, the film portrays the family negotiating--though not necessarily resolving--issues of how adult children with disabilities and parents can live together.
Plus, one other thing, an ugly little disquieting trend in sports journalism--the many little splotches of news that made you realize that a lot of bad stuff was going on in sports.
That an article as this would appear in a publication whose editor has relatively quick and easy access to Rob Repicky or the Basilian General Council and yet who did not attempt to check out this story with either of them on this mattter is profoundly disquieting and regrettable.
The disquieting question is: What does it say for the GOP--particularly to African Americans--that it would allow Lott to be a spokesperson and leader of their party?
The Texas plan, chronicled by McNeil, is disquieting not only in what it tells us about Texas but also in what it reveals about George W.
Merhige does cast a disquieting "anything can happen and does" mood over his film.
Because the theory carries such explosive political implications--homosexuality as "defect"--Breedlove finds its shortcomings disquieting.
Somehow, the prospect of a quiet Microsoft is very disquieting.
Satan, Maggi writes, is a pure, sourceless, disquieting scream in the air, possessing no idiom or language of his own; instead, by assaulting Maria and splitting her identity, he is able to enter her being and perform a language without being able to speak that language himself.
This year the HDR tracked two disquieting trends: the concentration of global wealth into fewer and fewer hands and a parallel concentration of the world's information resources--from Internet databases to patents on bacterial life forms--into fewer and fewer minds.
The bomb, icon of American power, symbol of American technological achievement, was a secret mystical force whose alluring promises of security and peace appeared, for a time, to mitigate the bomb's disquieting presence.