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As the tidings about the breakthrough came out, the doleful Ashraf Ghani appeared on the national TV and expressed his disquietude while hinting at the fate of Dr Najib who was given guarantees by the United Nations but later he was dragged from the UN compound in Afghanistan and hanged from a lamp-pool.
Cooper traces Williams' terming of organized anxiety to the First Congress of Colored Women conference in Boston, where attendees strategized to collectively combat the vilification of Black women, recognizing that much of their disquietude and distress stemmed from the linkage between discrimination and sexual violence.
Fausto's dark self-portraits are filled with disquietude, and paintings of naked bodies show the powerful and inhibiting influence of his father Luigi.
How did you choose lighting, with hints of shadows, and designing an image with some tones of disquietude?
Levinas has explained that the Other or xenos brings "a certain disquietude, as a derangement which puts us out of our common tracks" (Waldenfels 2002: 63).
Marginality in the information age: the socio-demographics of computer disquietude. European Journal of Communication, 30(1), pp.
More tolerant attitudes towards Greene considered the play a source of religious disquietude rather than a threat to Catholics, as expressed in the 1954 article "Un cuarto de estar incomodo" ["An Uncomfortable Living Room"] by Jose J.
Laurel made an insightful observation: "In times of social disquietude or political excitement, the great landmarks of the Constitution are apt to be forgotten or marred, if not entirely obliterated."
Varisco's research over the past ten to fifteen years has emphasized a more multisensory and evocative dimension, and the resulting works are more likely to arouse sensations of instability and disquietude than are her earlier kinetic works.
The problem starts when the ruling parties violate the rules of the game that creates considerable disquietude in the populace.
Este hecho se agudiza cuando, luego de mencionar la famosa interpretacion del sueno en el que una mujer se casa con un policia, Pinera asegura que no importa si Freud acerto en su interpretacion o no: "What is important is that the statue he has sculpted is more disquieting, strange and mysterious than the model, that the statue submerges us in the rugged terrain of a double dream, and that it will inevitably lead us to other dreams, to other disquietude, to other mysteries" ("Freud" 117-18).
Recent events, including President Trump's announcement on 12 th January 2018 that he would set a four month deadline on the deal, has cast the JCPOA's future into disquietude, as EU countries stand fast behind the agreement and the extent of the US' ability to effect unilateral change remains unclear.