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This narrative leads to a disquisition on the early history of the study of magnetism.
The upshot of this disquisition is that if we thought it was tough to keep up yesterday, tomorrow may be a greater trial.
Because those are the alternatives, I'll offer Obama a suggestion: When Wright first came up in March, Obama delivered a 5,000-word disquisition on race that thrilled the kind of people who like 5,000-word disquisitions (who aren't, as it turned out, average Democratic Pennsylvania voters).
Talking Honeycutt into forking over the money requires a long and complicated disquisition on Spanish maritime history (one of many mercilessly inflicted by screenwriters John Claflin, Daniel Zelman and Andy Tennant, who also directs), which is only half as hard to follow as the plot.
After his moving and elegant disquisition on race in America, many thought he had weathered the storm.
This chapter ends with a lengthy disquisition on Jurgen Moltmann's pneumatology.
In fact, Howard provides more than he promises: an excursus on VAT; a history of the Industrial and Commercial Finance Corporation; pages of spreadsheet formulas; a disquisition on the debt problems of foreign students; and explanations of key models in corporate finance.
Richard Dutton makes a convincing case for dating the folio text of Shakespeare's 'Henry V' to 1602, with the Battle of Kinsale (24 December 1601) functioning as a kind of Elizabethan equivalent of Agincourt, with the Archbishop of Canterbury's disquisition on Salic Law in the play as intensely relevant to the urgent question of the Elizabethan succession, and with Shakespeare's 'Captain Jamy' and 'Montjoy' scarcely concealed code names for James VI of Scotland and Mountjoy, the newly victorious commander in the Irish wars.
The long disquisition of 149 pages dispenses with either sub-sections or divisions, which would have given it at least a look of coherence.
Ian Maclean introduces the volume with a short disquisition on various early modern terms associated with novel ideas in religion and philosophy.
Democrats needed a Joan of Arc; instead they found themselves stuck between timid and triangulating party leaders and progressives captive to academic disquisition and factional purity.
In his book The Italian Job, a hugely entertaining disquisition on the two football cultures with which he is most familiar, Gianluca Vialli explains the different philosophy of his fellow countrymen.