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These two world-renowned writers of Slavonic origin, who, in their eloquent disquisitions on the novel, both enjoyed a fascination with Anna Karenina, and whose birth is separated by exactly thirty years, logically make, to some extent at least, natural bedfellows for such a comparative study.
She recalls asking Sanjin, after one of his disquisitions on lichens, whether he was teaching the children his extraordinary lore.
He treats us to disquisitions on guerrilla warfare to shake us into believing that the prospect of extended Southern resistance in that vein was real, in spite of the disapproval of Lee and Johnston that he acknowledges, and without reckoning what the role of Southern African Americans would have been.
So, by reputation, it is a many-volumed treatise of Godly wisdom, Biblical analysis, religious nit-picking, legal disquisitions, deep mysticism, and a reminder that Heaven is open to all, whatever their religion, if they lead a just life -- a work where only the chachamim can share the insights into Scripture, its meanings, and its consequences.
But many more of the essays offer insightful, informative disquisitions on what remains for many in our society "the greatest taboo": the state of being both black and gay.
There are no pretentious disquisitions on the supposed post-modernist significance of trashy TV game shows.
Although this may perhaps not be logically consistent with the notion of a homology of penis and uterus, Renaissance disquisitions on human genitalia also tend to point to a correspondence between penis and clitoris.
In any event, he has cooked up brief disquisitions on many fascinating subjects, among them an encounter with the Weltgeist, a dialogue with a clergyman about Adam and Eve and the Tree of Knowledge (faith versus knowledge), concert attire, the history of cigarette butts, dialect literature, Shakespeare's characters, misattributed quotations, a neo-Socratic dialogue about a traffic problem, annoyances faced by a writer, and a "mishpochology" of Palmus Palmstrom and Palma Kunkel.
What has been missing in these weighty and worthy disquisitions is authentic African input.
The Italian medical profession counted nearly as many municipal health officers as private practitioners, far more than anywhere else in Europe; women served in substantially greater numbers than in other professions; both men and women came from the middle and lower-middle classes, more burgher than patrician; they competed for patients with only marginal success against charlatans, psychics, magicians, priests, and midwives; their training at the university, mostly listening to abstract disquisitions mumbled in Latin, ill-prepared them to treat endemic malaria, typhoid, pellagra, and epidemic cholera; many of them were socialists.
For amidst the series of disquisitions on such subjects as 'Good Principles', 'Reason and Instinct', or 'Virtue the only source of Happiness', comes Sermon X, 'Reviewers'.
The major decision which has been taken is not to follow the 'Magnum Opus' edition which Scott produced late in life and in which the novels are adorned with vast numbers of historical disquisitions, prefaces and other excursions which have, as these editors say, discouraged so many generations of readers.