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Stephen, to the most recent, Terrorist, which underlines the lethal dangers of any absolute supernatural faith--it makes us ruthless and disregardful of this life and this world.
President Haruka Nishimatsu expressed an apology Friday over the company's new share issue amid growing criticism of the large equity-linked financing as being disregardful of existing shareholders.
(205.) "Wanton" is defined as "[r]eckless, heedless, malicious; characterized by extreme recklessness, foolhardiness; recklessly disregardful of the rights or safety of others or of consequences." BLACK'S LAW DICTIONARY 1582 (6th ed.
The composite it belongs to seems to be a loosely organized set of "disregardful" actions, involving reductions of attention or effort.
Indeed, inasmuch as industrialism is inevitably and inherently disregardful of the collective human fate and of the earth from which it extracts all its wealth--these are, after all, in capitalist theory "externalities" --it seems ever more certain to end in paroxysms of economic inequity and social upheaval, if not in the degradation and exhaustion of the biosphere itself.