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I can say that somehow the public in general is ignorant or disregardful of all the ramifications and responsibilities of owning a dog, especially in this community.
Wanton" is defined as "[r]eckless, heedless, malicious; characterized by extreme recklessness, foolhardiness; recklessly disregardful of the rights or safety of others or of consequences.
Indeed, inasmuch as industrialism is inevitably and inherently disregardful of the collective human fate and of the earth from which it extracts all its wealth--these are, after all, in capitalist theory "externalities" --it seems ever more certain to end in paroxysms of economic inequity and social upheaval, if not in the degradation and exhaustion of the biosphere itself.
You have revealed yourself to be self-important, out-of-touch and disregardful of the rightful contempt in which the public understandably holds its politicians.
But perhaps I'm being unfair to them, for the irritations on Birmingham's roads are many and various and plentiful are the drivers who are disregardful of the safety and convenience of others and who lack any measure of common sense.