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The three main retail centres lack unity and connection, separated by a group of derelict buildings, some vacant and others falling into disrepair.
The V taxiway lights are more than 20 years old and in disrepair.
If you are considering bringing a claim for disrepair and wish to discuss this further, please phone our Housing Disrepair team on 0191 2131010.
CUTLINE: (1) Above is the new sign; the former sign had fallen into disrepair.
The hall, which is used by community groups including Vocal Expressions for their rehearsals, has fallen into disrepair.
Units in both centres are in a state of continuing disrepair and are 40% - 50% efficient.
Birmingham's Grade II-listed Newman Brothers Coffin Works has been hailed as an example of how community ownership can work when trying to protect a building from falling into disrepair.
If a building is in a deep state of disrepair, you have your work cut out for you.
Don't buy one in disrepair unless it's a must-have antique, because it will cost thousands in labor and parts to upgrade.
which had fallen into disrepair, was demolished in early February.
Now, seen in straightforward still shots that fade into one another, the island looks as if abandoned in a rush: The camera catches deteriorated beds, sewing machines, children's toys, a chemistry lab with bottles out on the tabletops, drips and leaks; the impression of dereliction is reinforced by the obvious disrepair of some of the buildings and by the light overgrowth covering the exteriors.