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The former depot, which opened in 1913, is now partially roofed and, while not listed, Made said it felt the building possessed "inherent architectural qualities" which would be a great loss should it be allowed to fall into further disrepair.
VALUABLE FACILITY: Holmbridge Village Hall which has fallen into a state of disrepair and below, Vocal Expressions ladies' choir who are staging a concert in the hall on Saturday to raise funds for the refurbish.
Units in both centres are in a state of continuing disrepair and are 40% - 50% efficient.
Birmingham's Grade II-listed Newman Brothers Coffin Works has been hailed as an example of how community ownership can work when trying to protect a building from falling into disrepair.
Now, seen in straightforward still shots that fade into one another, the island looks as if abandoned in a rush: The camera catches deteriorated beds, sewing machines, children's toys, a chemistry lab with bottles out on the tabletops, drips and leaks; the impression of dereliction is reinforced by the obvious disrepair of some of the buildings and by the light overgrowth covering the exteriors.
He stopped paying rent in 1983 when the property fell into disrepair and has not spoken to his landlord since 1990.
When Escher visited the Alhambra it had fallen into disrepair.
The colonial city is inevitably a crime scene: the brick, mortar and concrete evidence a terrible catastrophe, while the impossible disrepair of these buildings are testament to further injury, the underdevelopment of Africa in the decades after colonialism.
Parents opposed the plans, stating they feared Gladstone did not have the facilities to cater for two schools but agreed that, due to the state of disrepair of St Monica's, children should no longer be taught there.
But it has fallen into disrepair and the monks have been told the only option is demolition and replacement with two bungalows.
Nyquist decision, the justices stated that "[i]f the State may not erect buildings in which religious activities are to take place, it may not maintain such buildings or renovate them when they fall into disrepair.
The frequency of pest sightings, Rauh said, increases astronomically with disrepair of housing, including leaking pipes, cracks and holes in ceilings and walls, and peeling paint.