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In addition, the final regulations provide guidance surrounding incompetence and disreputable conduct by tax return preparers.
I rather resent the fact that spying is now considered disreputable.
In a classic American tale of cultural openness to the skilled outsider, he rose to these heights from disreputable roots: street cocaine slinging and, for that matter, rap itself.
The Independent Police Complaints Commission said that allegations were proven against Insp Jeanne Arnold - the Inspector who managed the initial scene - regarding "neglect of duty and disreputable conduct".
The threat comes at the end of one of the most disreputable and ill-tempered international sporting clashes.
45pm Matt Damon's idealistic lawyer teams up with a disreputable researcher to champion the cause of a leukaemia sufferer whose mother is suing an insurance company for refusing to pay his medical costs.
To reject a good-faith donation is to signify that the gift is tainted money from a disreputable source.
And once more we shall have discredited the sheets which will print anything for a price, and which for a price have attacked us because of our truthful reports upon disreputable concerns .
New Jersey's Blue Suede Bombers plays the sort of down-and-dirty rockabilly that, in days gone by, made rock 'n' roll disreputable .
NOW that this disreputable Government is on its way out, is there any chance that they can take their ridiculous politik speak with them?
Franchising has received a bad press on occasions, primarily due to unwary individuals signing up with disreputable franchisors; however, in most cases, franchising remains a highly successful and attractive business model.
Kaddish Poznan chips the names off gravestones for a living, removing traces of disreputable ancestors for their more respectable kin.