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And besides resolved to circle in his [the Spaniard's] wealth and freedome, with a joynt fore-running fleet in the South sea; to the end, that if the fortune of conquest prospered with them, yet he should infallibly pay the charge of both Navies, with infinite losses and disreputation to the Spaniard.
TBC fell into disreputation in the early 1990s when it was discovered that much of the falling profitability of Japanese companies could be explained by reckless time-based competition leading to proliferation of product variety.
So, for example, whilst there are cases of magistrates being dismissed from office for their own sexual misdemeanours - like the Thetford burgess who was said to have "lately lived incontinently and thereby become infamous in the public notice of the world to the great disreputation of the corporation and to the scandal and disgrace of other burgesses there"(91) - it is hard to find an instance of anyone being removed for his wife's adultery.(92) All this is perhaps not surprising; but it seems worth stressing none the less, because some recent writing on early modern women might be taken to suggest that the integration of family and state was so complete that a distinction between "public" and "private" did not really exist.(93) This would be misleading.