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"Although we couldn't comment on the specific nature of the allegation, it centres on allegedly treating others without due respect and allegedly bringing his office into disrepute."
Mr Peat said, 'The report I have sent to the Standards Committee concludes that Mr Davies was convicted of the offences, but does not say he is guilty of bringing the council into disrepute. That is a matter I have left for the committee to decide.
'It is a very serious matter and reflects upon the city council and brings it into disrepute.'
Gibbons - who had allegedly grabbed Hutson around the neck - had been found guilty of conduct likely to bring the game in to disrepute by the Birmingham County FA at an earlier hearing, being fined pounds 40, censured and warned to his future conduct.
She claimed: "I don't think the way in which we handle international terrorism in this country is in disrepute."
The consequences of being found guilty of bringing the game into disrepute are far more severe, with Inzamam facing the prospect of being banned for between two and four Test matches or four to eight ODI's - a penalty which would rule him out of next month's Champions Trophy tournament in India.
The Football Association of Wales, meanwhile, have shown no signs of making any formal complaint, which could lead to a disrepute charge carrying a longer punishment.
Keane could face a lengthy ban if found guilty of either of the two disrepute charges imposed by the Football Association.
County FA secretary Mike Pennick said: "It was found that Mr Gibbons caused the game to be brought in to disrepute by assaulting a player but that he acted under extreme provocation given the amount of abuse levelled at him.
"I congratulate Dungannon on their win, but personally I feel this decision has once again brought the game into disrepute."
Psycho Tattoo FC were fined pounds 100 with pounds 50 suspended until the end of the season, for bringing the game into disrepute.
The SFA's general purposes committee will meet on March 29 to decide if the club should be charged with bringing the game into disrepute and criticising referees following the March2game.