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Responding to the Bundren's rootlessness ("pa, if you have one" "brothers if you have any") and disrespectability ("Me, a respectable druggist"), Moseley's lecture to Dewey Dell is similar to the one the marshal delivers to Anse: "'You take him on to a doctor, and you get this thing buried soon as you can.
The sharp-tongued old slapper was a pillar of disrespectability as she bit the hand that pays her - "They're as tight as a crab's a*** at the BBC" - and confided she wouldn't be seen dead in frocks left over by Esther Rantzen or Gloria Hunniford.
Reservoir Dogs," "El Mariachi," "Pulp Fiction," "The Usual Suspects" - they're all sleazy but virtuosic crime movies that hark back to the days when low budgets automatically bought, at no extra charge, the stigma of disrespectability.