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He felt that in its cultural coverage the magazine "has become rather academic," where he favored "a more informal, disrespectable, and chance-taking magazine, with a broader and less exclusive `literary' approach.
2), the female entertainment profession is widely considered to be disrespectable, shameful, and dishonorable.
When the old creed for some reason becomes disrespectable and its messages no longer suit the needs, some believers abandon it, looking for new contents.
Comstock's comic struggle against his own unshakable bourgeois background explores new possibilities when he is forced to move to a seedy neighborhood and grows ecstatic at its disrespectable ethos.
Sutpen explodes the already decaying myth of Southern respectability, but he himself is neither respectable nor disrespectable, but "notrespectable" (the neuter form).
The committee members themselves no doubt own slaves, so that in itself is not disrespectable.
But this does not make Sutpen, at least in his own eyes, either respectable or disrespectable.
Forever a devout and gentle man, he spent his much of his life having to endure askance looks from 'respectable' people, while being robbed and cheated by disrespectable people.
This is not disrespectable to other honours recipients,but it was nice also to see awards going to Knotty Ash primary school head Annie Bennett and Harold Magnay school cook Pauline Campbell.