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New Delhi [India], Feb 12 ( ANI ): Congress President Rahul Gandhi on Monday slammed the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) chief Mohan Bhagwat over his disrespectful statement against the Indian army.
It's disrespectful to me and disrespectful to his wife.
That to a trans person, is disrespectful," she explained.
It doesn't affect me but it was disrespectful for many people and difficult to understand because he was part of a big success in Barcelona when he had Lionel Messi at his best and I never said it was the Messi team.
Summary: Critics say attending such events is disrespectful to the suffering of the Palestinian people
IGNORANT and disrespectful but how awesome were the Welsh fans, so proud to be a fellow Welshie.
Turkish President Tayyip Ergodan said on Sunday he backed Qatar's response to a list of demands issued by Arab states boycotting the Gulf emirate, and said calls for a Turkish military base there to close were disrespectful.
Billy Dodds insists it's disrespectful to a host of topflight clubs to expect Rangers to waltz into second place.
CHRIS Coleman has told England manager Roy Hodgson that Gareth Bale wasn't being disrespectful when he claimed the Welsh have more pride and passion than England - and that he was just standing up for 'little old Wales.
CHRIS Coleman insists Gareth Bale was not being disrespectful when he suggested Wales had more pride and passion than England, but says his superstar will back up those comments in Lens.
First, it was a disrespectful to a player who has given his all for his local club since he was a teenager.