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I always thought our party was the one of dignity and class and to so disrespectfully kick someone of that prominence on his way out was disgraceful," McCloskey wrote in an email after the vote.
He said: "I'm sure everyone takes that very disrespectfully.
He said, 'The newly-elected Prime Minister (PM) of Pakistan Shahid Khaqan Abbasi should not have praised former premier Nawaz Sharif who was disqualified by the apex court, and ousted disrespectfully.
The staff are so committed - and that is why it makes me mad to see them being treated so disrespectfully by the Government.
He said Cuy 'countermanded, contradicted and disrespectfully placed in the backburner' the President's efforts to stem corruption in the government.
Maci, Catelynn and Amber conduct themselves unprofessionally, disrespectfully and immaturely.
That was a somewhat sloppy expression that was not meant in any way disrespectfully towards China," Oettinger told Die Welt newspaper on Saturday.
It has become his r daily routine to talk in press conferences and TV talks shows impolitely and disrespectfully.
Shaker has previously denied claims that he disrespectfully referred to the bodies of soldiers in a controversial video that emerged online during the clashes.
I am a licensed steam engineer and a certified cogeneration engineer who has worked in the private sector in other states and have never seen state employees treated this disrespectfully.
The article also said that the residents also complained that they not only demolished the mosque, but that they did it very disrespectfully.
Graves is going to be his new boss on May 15, yet it is unbelievable that Cook talks disrespectfully about him.