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The big test is whether they can do it against the lesser clubs, and I don't mean that disrespectfully.
We have enough quality in the side to defend and keep clean sheets and score enough goals against the majority of the SPL and I don't mean that disrespectfully.
Paddy, 77, was shocked to see the bag and almost kicked it, thinking someone had disrespectfully dumped rubbish on religious grounds.
Protester Rob Cullen said: "It's not so much the cap any more but the principle of being treated so disrespectfully.
I don't mean disrespectfully or anything, but we should not have stood off them so much.
But the Maritimo coach has mounted a spirited defence of a manager he says is being treated disrespectfully.
We had never treated Stevenage disrespectfully since the draw was made and we were not going to start after scoring a goal early on.
This story came disrespectfully to mind during the controversy over the Blair Cabinet's pay.
I've been far too hard on myself and I think there are a lot of guys out here - and I don't mean this disrespectfully - with less ability who consistently finish better than me.
The soldiers treated him disrespectfully and demanded to know who he was.
He thinks the boys are bad-mannered and he told off my younger son for talking to me disrespectfully.