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In the mediation case of the business partner cousins, the disrespectfulness of the elder cousin's wife for the uncle was criticized by one of the observers:
And then they went on talking as if I wasn't there, which I took as a good sign of acceptance, and though I didn't understand most of what they were saying, I understood enough to know that they were talking about the living conditions, about how things were now so pee-sa or sa, about the younger generation and their growing disrespectfulness.
Merab Berdzenishvili, sculpture of the destroyed monument, had said that, demolishing the World War II Soviet Soldier Monument is a kind of disrespectfulness of Georgian soldiers's who lost their life in the World War II.
In fact, too many of us have joined in the growing number that actually celebrates ignorance, ill-preparedness, disrespectfulness, and mediocrity.
Commenting on several columnists' statements comparing Romani citizens with Armenian people illegally residing in Turkey, Erdogan said such a comparison would be disrespectfulness both to Romani and Armenian citizens.