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The researchers found the EGCG disrupted this balance in the same manner that oxamate, a known LDHA inhibitor did.
Now we understand how cancer cell metabolism can be disrupted, and we can examine how we can use this knowledge to try to alter the course of cancer or prevent cancer.
Movement of many teas from upcountry estates remains disrupted, said Lalith Obeysekere, chief executive of two RPCs, Balangoda and Madulsima.
Celtic, who lost 3-2 to Barcelona, were anxious to avoid an invasion after a fan disrupted last year's clash with AC Milan.
21, radio waves were disrupted at air navigation facilities in eastern Japan and radio equipment at Haneda was also affected.
8 mg/kg body weight (2 [micro]g/mL drinking solution) for 30 days disrupted the estrous cycle in 100% of the animals (Figure 8); this disruption was evident within the first 3 or 4 days after treatment and was sustained for the 30-day treatment period.
Water service in the Van Nuys neighborhood was disrupted for hours.
A two-day storm in February 1958 caused severe telephone-service interruptions on Western Union's North Atlantic telegraph cables, and disrupted phone calls transmitted by Bell South's coaxial cable link between Newfoundland and Scotland.
But it is feared hormones, including reproductive systems, could be disrupted by small traces of the chemical.
Oil supplies are continually disrupted by guerrilla groups, who as recently as June 4 dynamited the main oil pipeline for the 31st time.
Roundup also disrupted aromatase activity at concentrations 100 times lower than those used in agriculture.