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16 others were sentenced to three years in prison at the end of June for attending an illegal protest in Heliopolis and disrupting the referendum.
Basimah bint Sulaiman bin Saleh Al Rajhiyah, born in the UAE in 1977 and working as Administrative Affairs Researcher at the Employees Care Department at the Education Ministry, was sentenced to one-year imprisonment for being convicted of crowding with the intention of creating riot, disrupting traffic and insult of employees;
Isa Hassan Habib was found guilty of taking part in illegal assemblies, disrupting public security and rioting.
Union President Robert Aquino and three other union leaders were handcuffed and taken from the room and charged by the city's General Services police with disrupting a public meeting.
The man was detained in Greece and charged with disrupting the flight.
Germany says it is a "potential human hormone disrupting chemical".
Disrupting London and Disrupting Amsterdam serve as two stops on the Disrupting Europe tour designed to showcase the most disruptive cloud innovators from North America, as well as offer practical strategies for leveraging the power of cloud.
Majdalani responded to the accusation of Speaker of the House Nabih Berri to March 14, saying they are trying to disrupt the cabinet's work, considering who is disrupting is the one who stipulates the inclusion of false witnesses file into the cabinet.
Too little sleep may contribute to long-term health problems by changing the concentrations of hormones that control appetite, increasing food intake, and disrupting the biological clock, according to Eve Van Cauter of the University of Chicago.
These disrupting substances of natural or synthetic origin interfere with hormone action affecting numerous functions, including homeostasis, reproduction, development, and behavior (Kavlock and Ankley 1996).
I think we've picked up most of the pieces,'' said Southern California Edison's Steve Conroy, whose workers on Monday morning finished righting some 113 telephone poles and 104 wires downed by weekend winds from Ventura County to the Inland Empire, disrupting service to 195,000 residents.
The rise in the incidence of health problems such as reproductive disorders and testicular and breast cancer has been linked by some to endocrine disrupting chemicals in the environment.