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Contribute a session at the Disruptive Innovation Festival 2015 https://www.
In debunking many of the examples given in Christensen's book, Lepore contends that disruptive innovation can sometimes be catastrophic; one need only look at the financial engineering leading up to the economic crisis of 2008.
The consequences of disruptive behavior and general workplace incivilities are also significant to health care team members, whose health has been shown to suffer (Vessey, Demarco, & DiFazio, 2010).
On the right side of our webpage, in the blue box under "references," you will find two excellent annotated bibliographies that cover the latest books and articles on all aspects of disruptive behavior.
Disruptive behaviour can include excessive noise, vandalism or threating behaviour, Mr Piccolo said.
As we all strive to develop a culture of safety in our workplaces, let's not forget that allowing disruptive behavior to go on and not doing anything to intervene can be just as dangerous to both the patient and the nurse as allowing any other breech of safe practices.
The Disruptive Innovation Awards are handed out during the Tribeca Film Festival to those who take non-traditional routes to success.
Old or new, disruptive technologies tend to be challenging for several reasons.
Using the same process you use for current technologies to create disruptive ones will not work.
In the Wikipedia definitions they further distinguish transformational from disruptive in the following example.
All of these, along with yelling, are the most widely encountered disruptive behaviors, with over half of the respondents having experienced each one.
In response to an alarming increase in the number of sentinel events associated with disruptive behavior reported to The Joint Commission (TJC), a sentinel event alert was issued entitled "Behaviors That Undermine a Culture of Safety".