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Experts also noted that the EC criteria would keep regulatory bodies from ranking chemicals based on the strength of evidence that they disrupt endocrine function.
INDUSTRIES BEING DISRUPTED by technology is a concept much discussed these days.
The Ministry of Interior stressed the importance of avoiding anything which may disrupt security and subvert public order.
RAM European flights flying over the French sky also run the risk of being disrupted by the strike of air traffic controllers, the company said.
Summary: Unruly pupils who seriously disrupt school activities or refuse to leave class should be controlled by force, new guidance says.
For people who live in and around the deserts along Earth's midsection--such as Central Asia's Gobi Desert and Africa's Sahara Desert--dust storms frequently disrupt daily routines.
Are we willing to allow our safe routines to be disrupted?
The researchers found that exposing neuronal cells to lead, ethanol, and aluminum also disrupts methylation, but through different mechanisms.
"There are a lot of common factors that disrupt a person's ability to sleep," says Lipsitz.
Inhalants can disrupt normal heart rhythms, which can cause a heart attack.
The pressure should also disrupt the rhythm and timing of the passing game by attacking the launch point.
ISLAMABAD, July 09, 2009 (Balochistan Times) -- Having the television on in the background while preschoolers play with their toys disrupts their efforts to sustain attention and may harm their development.