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This scale evaluates body dissatisfaction in men and women, considering it to be the difference between the BMI of the silhouette indicated as the desired body and the BMI of the silhouette indicated as the actual body.
Most studies underpinned that body image was restricted to adolescents living in large city centers (PELEGRINI; PETROSKI, 2010; PEREIRA et al., 2009), but it seems that body image dissatisfaction, albeit much reported in large urban centers, has also affected adolescents living in small towns, even those in rural areas (FIDELIX et al., 2011; MIRANDA et al., 2011; TRICHES; GIUGLIANI, 2007).
Body dissatisfaction is established in childhood and adolescence, and is widespread in young adulthood (Keski-Rahkonen et al., 2005; Kjaerbye-Thygesen, Munk, Ottesen, & Kjaer, 2004).
Body dissatisfaction has also been linked with a range of negative outcomes, such as depression, reduced life satisfaction, and lower self-esteem (Ganem, de Heer, & Morera, 2009; You & Shin, 2016).
Conversely, nursing care practice is lower, nurses are likely to feel less empowered and respected, leading to feelings of dissatisfaction and thoughts of leaving.
The court; however, expressed dissatisfaction over the report and summoned Sindh chief secretary on next hearing.
This social change is a vital contributor to South Korean women's body dissatisfaction and psychological changes.
Rangel, M.D., from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, and colleagues examined factors associated with professional dissatisfaction for childbearing surgical residents.
"The Agreement Macedonia-Greece will not cause internal destabilization although there will be attempts for manifesting dissatisfaction for collecting political points on future elections.
The four main reasons for dissatisfaction were staff shortages, long waiting times, lack of funding and government reforms.
However, the bench shared its dissatisfaction over the inefficiency of the government to bring Haqqani back to Pakistan and said that they will reach out to Interpol if progress isn't observed.