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Navigating satisfactory and dissatisfactory classroom incidents.
Those who leave their employment without bringing matters on table or with no attempts to alter the dissatisfactory conditions give organization no signals that there exist something of worst nature.
In order to judge service quality levels, hoteliers must be able to view reports detailing critical factors such as speed of request completion, the number of unfulfilled or dissatisfactory requests and performance by individual staff members.
Results: Out of 103 soldiers screened through the Rosenberg Self Esteem Scale at High Altitude, 71.8% had satisfactory self-esteem while 28.2% had dissatisfactory self-esteem.
Suitable decision-making in construction work of the required quality reduces the design changes because unsuitable and dissatisfactory design solutions are recognized and eliminated during the design stage; therefore, the productivity of the construction project is improved.
Responses were graded as very satisfactory, satisfactory, ok, dissatisfactory and very dissatisfactory.
Should he find that some minister's performance has been dissatisfactory, consequences will be dire.
WSNs routing protocols mostly consider energy efficiency to be the main objective and therefore result in dissatisfactory performance, when applied on WMSNs [17].
Dissatisfactory reduction might lead to increased complications such as nonunion, malunion, delayed union, and nerve irritation symptoms.
There are various factors that account for the dissatisfactory results of IPR protection in China.
Elevated into the starting line-up just days after signing a new five-year contract, the 20-year-old was hooked at the interval after a dissatisfactory first-half display in which he continuously coughed up possession.
Another dissatisfactory area for businesses is the download threshold imposed on their usage.