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05) as the level of restriction increased; the daily deposition rate of the dissectible lean declined by 31 and 75 (Percent) in the 25 and 40 (Percent) groups, respectively than in the ad libitum group.
In men without prostatic enlargement, the plane between the surgical capsule and adenoma may not be readily dissectible.
An accompanying multimedia CD-ROM contains an assortment of animations, videos, puzzles, exercises, and a dissectible 3-D image of the brain.
The idea resonated with western thinkers keen on separating the soul (immortal and judicious thought) from the body (pure, dissectible nature), which like women could and should be conquered, by force if necessary, for the benefit of civilization.
This stands in stark contrast to the practices through which mass media and political institutions reify public opinion into a measurable and dissectible product.
Teachers wanted something more than just a dissectible frog," says Ramani Pichumani, Stanford research investigator and project manager.