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DAA (a complete vascular ring) and the dissecting aneurysm [Figure 1]f-g were confirmed by DSA.
Hiroshi is engrossed in dissecting the corpse; this seems to be his primary world.
Interestingly, 4 (17%) thought the time could be better spent dissecting.
features interviews with historians examining how Burke and Hare managed to kill so many in such a short time without raising suspicion, Burke's trial and the morality of dissecting dead bodies.
I don't understand why we are dissecting real animals and subjecting children to a life-altering experience.
Her art can hit you like a ton of bricks, dissecting the most uncomfortable aspects of gender, society, religion, and politics.
Buxton provides a foundation for his topic by first defining the general characteristics of a Greek myth and the evidence available for dissecting its meaning and significance within its original contexts.
In our patient, x-ray and CT showed that free air was dissecting the soft tissues of the right side of the face and neck and the right shoulder and pectoralis region.
Much of this novel consists of their endless conversations dissecting each little thing that has happened in their lives, especially their social lives and their parents.