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Contract awarded for Laparoscopic grasper, dissector curve, curve scissors, circular mechanical stapling instrument.
The dissection of human cadavers is a complex topic that can be comprehended only if a number of factors are taken into account, as illustrated by the example of Herophilus of Chalcedon, who was the first dissector in the Western medical tradition.
We may not be personally implicated in the particular actions of so-called unethical scientists -- the dissectors or the pharmaceutical companies she alludes to.
Nothing here precludes Planned Parenthood (or any other abortion clinic) from passing along aborted babies to professional, rent-paying, baby dissectors, so long as the clinic gets the mother's informed consent and doesn't offer her some "improper" inducement, such as a cash reimbursement, to give up the baby's body.
The dissectors were more entertaining, with the masked heavies and the cliched mad scientist Miss Jeffries.
As well as a possible wooden bandaging-stick, the kit comprised three copper-alloy scalpel handles, two with long, slender dissectors suitable for ophthalmic surgery [ILLUSTRATION FOR FIGURE 1 OMITTED] and the third attached to a corroded iron instrument which may have been a solid cataract needle or cautery.
Comparison of surgical plume among laparoscopic ultrasonic dissectors using a real-time digital quantitative technology.
Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of monopolar electrocautery / bipolar, with melt, ultrasonic dissectors of ultrasound for all institutions of the AP-HP.
The hand instrument offering consists of graspers, dissectors, scissors and needle holders.
11 capture capabilities of AirPcap, the spectrum-level visibility of Wi-Spy, the visualization, drill-down and reporting features of CACE Pilot, and Wireshark's vast collection of protocol dissectors, CACE Technologies and MetaGeek have created the WiFi Pilot bundle, a complete wireless network analysis troubleshooting solution.