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Various samples will then be placed around the room in small pods where people will don surgical wear to dissect the samples revealing their internal structures.
I'll be asking students if they think it is right to dissect real animals, if they would feel more comfortable using an alternative," Douglas said.
Subcutaneous emphysema occurs when air dissects through tissue planes into the neck from the mediastinum.
When not examining Hendrix's "black thing," Tate dissects his music.
In what is the most intriguing part of the book, he dissects the changing portrayal of Indians in the movies.
Riffing on myths of national and personal identity, Moffatt's ironic revisionism dissects the compensatory romance of sports heroism, the Australian outback, and other founding fantasies.
It then took Craven and screenwriter Kevin Williamson to re-invent teen slasher with the runaway success of ``Scream'' (1996), which dissects the elements of the genre and serves them up to the audience in a deliciously grotesque manner.
Lewis' impeccable scholarship keeps the man in focus as he dissects the swirl of events.
The surgeon dissects and connects tiny blood vessels under the operating microscope.
Written by a King's Indian expert, Play The King's Indian carefully dissects the advantages, disadvantages, and theory concerning this popular opening move for Black and how White can defend against it.