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Now Richardson was a student who had long been anxious for that portion of the human subject to dissect.
You dabbled in nasty mud, and made pies, when you were a child; and you dabble in nasty science, and dissect spiders, and spoil flowers, when you grow up.
For that matter," he continued, dropping his voice, like one who imparts an important secret, "I am not without hopes of persuading Ishmael to let me dissect it.
He has found that his school dissects fetal pigs in anatomy classes.
It is amazing how such a good writer can arrive at such warped and addled conclusions his--elegant prose and analysis are at their best when he dissects Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man to make a point.
Taking issue with numerous demonstrably false writings about Jesus' trial that have been harmful to Christian-Jewish relations and dialogues, Jesus on Trial dissects the gospel account word by word at length, in full context of the social and political realities of the era.
He dissects each, drilling down to reveal the core failures--corporate culture, unpreparedness, overconfidence, etc.
I like to be the sort of person who dissects it and presents it, and hopefully in an inspirational and intelligent way.
dissects the flaws within the FDNY radio system, and also points out how these same flaws could be hampering American efforts in Iraq.
This book discusses and dissects all aspects of activated sludge solids separation problems.