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On the other hand, immobility serves as a figure for the strategic self-control and deliberate dissemblance that African Americans often adopted to protect and defend themselves.
For an empowered black female sexuality to be productive, black women and black communities must benefit from an eroticism that is not merely exploitative or masquerading as liberated, but that articulates a black female sexual subjectivity that is stimulating, provocative and conducive to disassembling the culture of dissemblance.
i) either (a) the investigation is of a violation of civil rights or intellectual property rights and the lawyer believes in good faith that such violation is taking place or will take place imminently or (b) the dissemblance is expressly authorized by law; and (ii) the evidence sought is not reasonably and readily available through other lawful means; and (iii) the lawyer's conduct and the investigator's conduct that the lawyer is supervising do not otherwise violate the New York Lawyer's Code of Professional Responsibility (the "Code") or applicable law; and (iv) the dissemblance does not unlawfully or unethically violate the rights of third parties.
And who of course despised even the slightest attempt at dissemblance .
7) Georges Didi-Huberman, Fra Angelico: dissemblance & figuration (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1995).
Ayant determine que le modele americain convient mal a une juridiction de droit civil tel le Quebec, et ce en raison de la dissemblance du raisonnement sous-jacent portant sur le droit au respect de la vie privee sur les lieux de travail, passons a un survol de la reponse a cette problematique provenant d'un pays qui partage le raisonnement civiliste quebecois, la France.
121) In light of his return, Strauss thus does not finally read Plato's defence of the 'noble lie' within Socrates' construction of the indefensible 'city in speech' (see Part 1, iii) to indicate that such political dissemblance is itself indefensible.
Jeanne en traverse la galerie, comme une foret de modeles lui renvoyant sa troublante dissemblance.
Middleton and Dekker, however, consider the possibility that Gypsies' gifts of theatricality and dissemblance might be used for the common good.
Because of the brutal history of racialized sexual coercion and violence, many Black women have inherited what feminist historian Darlene Clark Hine calls Black women's "culture of dissemblance," or self-imposed silence about sexuality, which has functioned as a mechanism to protect a sense of self, womanhood and identity from attack.
Ces differences s'expliquent par la dissemblance des circonstances entourant les agressions.
Il varie de 0 a 1, ces valeurs correspondant respectivement a las similitude parfaite ct a la dissemblance la plus grande (Petsimeris, 1995).