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Many have clumps that form and dissemble as well as a variety of waves and spiral patterns that travel through the rings like ripples in a pond.
While PROs may muster their best case, they have a duty not to mislead, conceal or dissemble about matters that should be in the public domain.
I have never read a better explanation of what ensues when presidents do dissemble than When Presidents Lie.
Who cares if critics dissemble, as long as their comments are pertinent?
Some can lie, cheat, dissemble and accuse without cause and declare illegal war and are held in high esteem.
Application Modernisation covers a broad range of technologies, from early 'screen scraper' products to more modern technologies that dissemble applications and re-build them into component parts.
The new world of digital information networks can make it increasingly difficult for people to hide, dissemble, cheat, and evade.
Dissemble, prevaricate, obfuscate: it's all deception and it's what made Bill Clinton "slick.
The English word DISSEMBLE and its derivatives come from the Old French verb DESSEMBLER.
The church reacted as institutions often do -- as Enron did -- and that is to deny, to delay, to dissemble, to fool themselves into thinking that all was well.
Whatever self-consciousness, reticence, or inclination to dissemble people in Homestead might have initially displayed, Judith Modell and her collaborator, photographer Charlee Brodsky, ultimately overcame these barriers.