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1] therefore has an incentive to dissemble on her income report, ceteris paribus.
An examination of Nozkowski's surfaces reveals them to have been much worked, much revised--and yet they no more dramatize such processes than dissemble them.
And Tom Foley seemed to dissemble about his assiduousness in following up on the early General Accounting Office reports.
Also to dissemble and reassemble an existing X-ray room.
I write in memory of my delusion that in front of a painting one might dissemble a love affair.
For one thing they'd be putting it on the line at a time when the norm is to dissemble and cultivate ambiguity.
Instead, it is a "music genealogy" that dissembles the connections between 1,550 bands and artists to beloved rock icons The Beatles, utilizing the theory of six degrees of separation.
The third of five sections is devoted to the poet's native Jamaica, a country in which "each story dissembles as landscape.
In it, Thompson dissembles Scalia's simplistic reliance on antiquated church teachings to defend the indefensible--in this case, the sad US practice regarding the application of capital punishment.
I suppose Michael's behavior should be no surprise in a country where even the biggest celebrity, Bill Clinton, dissembles blatantly about his private life and then expresses surprise when interest in it doesn't go away.
Clinton dissembles, distorts, and lies when it serves his purpose.
Ron Loos, Director of Online Services at Seattle-based Content Technologies, a developer of content security software that detects and dissembles potentially harmful e-mail and Web page transfers before they can attack networks, is available for media interviews relating to the "Timofonica" virus.