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First, as explained above, the net expected marginal penalty revenue of auditing for a given pool of dissemblers will increase (i.
Confronting him would be crisis enough; but a still more serious shock is the subsequent, more gradual conviction that Miles and Flora are dissemblers, too.
What's real and what's fake is at issue, too, for Emmanuel Carrere in his book The Adversary: A True Story of Monstrous Deception, which tells the tale of one of history's great dissemblers, the murderous Jean-Claude Romand.
Come on you girls of a certain age, have you dissemblers forgotten the faith so soon and not polled the obvious answer?
She was, I'm satisfy'd, a greater Honour to our Sex than all the canting Tribe of Dissemblers, that die with the false Reputation of Saints" (Glidon 60).
Anyone concerned that the net is a playground for dissemblers will find little to reassure them here, or help them differentiate between the solid online firms (of which there are many) and the rest.
If it was the job of nativists to root out dissemblers at the time, as Irving discusses (34), then Maggie's racial taint is obvious in the formerly domestic daughter when she is mistaken for her mother at the novel's end.
For one can say this generally of men: that they are ungrateful, fickle, pretenders and dissemblers, evaders of danger, eager for gain.
Clearly, a few new champions are needed, and the latest candidate for the job is British writer Andrew Barr, who takes anti-alcohol dissemblers in his "Drink: A Social History of America," Carroll & Graf.
When Machiavelli says that men are "ungrateful, fickle, pretenders and dissemblers, evaders of danger, eager for gain," he may be articulating a new scientific anthropology, but he also sounds like Calvin in Augustinian mode.
3) The present essay takes up the challenge implicitly made by Maguire and Smith, reading the interaction between Shakespeare (and Shakespeare and Middleton's) Measure for Measure, and Middleton's More Dissemblers Besides Women, systematically analyzing the full range of parallels in tragicomic form, plot and character within the two plays to explore what the similarities between these two plays suggests about the reciprocal influence Middleton and Shakespeare seem to have exerted on one another.
AA Gill's description of the Welsh as "loquacious, dissemblers, immoral liars, stunted, bigoted, dark, ugly, pugnacious little trolls" came just two months after the narrow referendum Yes vote in 1997.