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18) Already anxious about their place within the imperial hierarchy, these men were understandably outraged by their fellow colonists' acceptance of Jean Davenport's portrayals of Shakespeare's tragic men, for it implied that they were everything she was: juvenile, feminine dissemblers stuck on a much lower strand of humanity's great chain of being.
She was, I'm satisfy'd, a greater Honour to our Sex than all the canting Tribe of Dissemblers, that die with the false Reputation of Saints" (Glidon 60).
Anyone concerned that the net is a playground for dissemblers will find little to reassure them here, or help them differentiate between the solid online firms (of which there are many) and the rest.
If it was the job of nativists to root out dissemblers at the time, as Irving discusses (34), then Maggie's racial taint is obvious in the formerly domestic daughter when she is mistaken for her mother at the novel's end.
For one can say this generally of men: that they are ungrateful, fickle, pretenders and dissemblers, evaders of danger, eager for gain.
Human subjects are notorious dissemblers and incorrigible beasts, who would rather fictionalize their lives than admit they cannot present an internally coherent account of their beliefs to the third-(non)-person observer who has gone to such trouble to prepare them.
Its products are spewed out around the clock and around the world, 365 days a year by a labor force of remarkable diversity: Scholars, writers and editors of great distinction work alongside "spin doctors and dissemblers," "pseudo-experts," demagogues, high school dropouts, unemployed politicians and ex-beauty queens.
Clearly, a few new champions are needed, and the latest candidate for the job is British writer Andrew Barr, who takes anti-alcohol dissemblers in his "Drink: A Social History of America," Carroll & Graf.
In the '90s, however, hype has given way to spin: PR as facile euphemism, the smoothly deceptive language of White House press secretaries and corporate dissemblers, those exfoliating, liposuctioning cosmeticians of truth.
Excluding individuals who refuse to so affirm from participating in the public life of their communities, tolerationists argued, led to dissembling and hypocrisy, and dissemblers and hypocrites were not good citizens.
When Machiavelli says that men are "ungrateful, fickle, pretenders and dissemblers, evaders of danger, eager for gain," he may be articulating a new scientific anthropology, but he also sounds like Calvin in Augustinian mode.
Marlowe develops Holinshead's Baldock, simply Lord Chancellor of England and 'a man euill beloued in the realme', into another of the play's dissemblers and social climbers.