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The pretentious dissembling on this issue is remarkable.
As of today, AUO has not discussed nor considered dissembling the Company's G3.
It includes all surprises, tricks, cunning or dissembling, and any unfair way which another is cheated.
By contrast, the AP story that ran in the Post on the same day put the President's remarks in the context that made clear that Bush was dissembling to pander to the conservative Cuban-American vote in Florida.
Its new dissembling plant was purchased with the assistance of Barclays.
Women writers developed an artistry of indirection, dissembling, splitting, masking, and coding to get their anger out into the public sphere.
After returning to RAND, Ellsberg began copying the Pentagon Papers, hoping that their exposure of a decade of official dissembling on how the war in Vietnam was conducted would force the government to pull out of the conflict.
By the end of the week I was dissembling and assembling a 9mm pistol with a blindfold on in 10 seconds.
The stark inconsistencies between Watts' innocuous claims about the bill versus DeLay's contention that the measure will be used as a sledgehammer against the church-state wall demonstrate the consistent disorder and dissembling surrounding the faith-based initiative.
This is an ironic dissembling since the courtier's "deceptive actions always possess an implication of thei r opposite" (1978, 56).
And Al Gore has a very good record on gay rights, no matter what those dissembling gay Republicans try to say.