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Hole JBDD-12-02 The minor fault and vein with 1-5% disseminated pyrite, and trace disseminated chalcopyrite.
7 mg/kg/day) was administered because disseminated histoplasmosis was highly suspected because of the bone marrow findings.
The consensus statement will be widely disseminated to achieve maximum impact on both current health care practice and future medical research.
Kambalda style massive and heavily disseminated sulphides occur in footwall embayments.
In an action that will have a profound impact on regulations developed by OSHA and EPA, guidelines have been issued to improve the standard of published research, reports and other information disseminated by federal agencies to the general public.
Throughout this past summer, HCFA personnel and organizational representatives worked in four subgroups to draft reports on how ideas would be solicited and screened for the SIQ repository, and how this information should be disseminated.
Securities, LLC, who assures that the disseminated market quote is firm for 20 contracts.
chelonae infections in an immunocompromised host are disseminated in >50% of those infected; chronic use of steroids, even in low doses, seems to be the most important predictive factor for disseminated disease (1,2).
Local excision and repair of bony defects with bone grafts, excision of soft-tissue lesions, radiotherapy, chemotherapy, and immunotherapy (for disseminated disease) have all been described.
We present the case of an AIDS patient who had sinusitis and subsequent disseminated infection caused by Acanthamoeba.
The index is disseminated real-time on a price return basis (NYSE: AMZ) and the corresponding total return index is disseminated daily through ticker AMZX.