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Nevertheless, all but one of these studies showed that using the mass media was an effective way of disseminating healthcare information.
Disseminating these types of materials with vector geospatial data is a real challenge.
The Center for School Counseling Outcome Research is dedicated to improving the practice of school counseling by disseminating relevant research findings; supporting the National Panel for School Counseling Evidence-Based Practice; providing resources and training to develop counselor expertise in research, program evaluation, and data use; and conducting research.
The Window is an ambitious, even subversive, project, for it pushes the responsibility for disseminating information squarely back onto the broad shoulders of the federal government.
The induction Melting Committee is responsible for defining, developing and disseminating technology as it relates to induction melting of steel.
The emerging paradigm for communicating and disseminating consumer health information includes the following factors:

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